About Rebecca

Hello, I’m Rebecca Wardlow

I help entrepreneurs & online business owners reach their ideal clients using proven digital marketing strategies that work. I can’t wait to tell you about what I do & how I can help you, but I also think it’s important for us to get to know each other first.

The Woman Behind the Business

I grew up in a Shabbona, a small rural farming community located in Northern Illinois. For many years, we lived in Sycamore, IL (home of the Pumpkin Festival ~ my favorite place to be in October!). In 2017, we decided to move to Delavan, WI and it’s been simply amazing! We are blessed to live in a tight-knit community with lake rights, a private park with a beach and lots of fun-filled events in the area. #LakeLife is the best life!

I have a tight-knit family of 7: my husband, 5 children and myself! (Soon, I’ll be adding a few daughter-in-laws to the mix as well.)

Here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • I was married on the beach in Delavan, WI (outside and the weather was perfect!)
  • I live next to a lake so we enjoy lots of time at the beach and on the water (aka #LakeLife).
  • I love working from home (or anywhere there is Internet – even on the boat!)
  • I grew my consulting business to 6-figures (Whoo hoo!!)
  • I believe in paying it forward!

Just like you, I started at the ground floor and worked my way through the ups and downs of running a business online. Along the way, I started to help others who were struggling by sharing my knowledge and resources.

It became clear to me that many individuals just needed assistance in creating, organizing and implementing systems for their business.

My goal is to bring more systems & efficiency into your business so you breathe, live and enjoy your life & business!

Does this sound like what your business has been missing? Let’s schedule a time to review your goals & dreams so you can build an online presence that profits.

Profesional & Knowledgeable, Rebecca

I am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Automation Marketing Specialist, Certified Social Media Strategist, Adjunct Social Media Instructor and a seasoned Web Developer.

To this day, I still do all the work! Occasionally, I have a team that helps on larger projects, but 90% of the projects are done by me! I enjoy keeping my skills up-to-date, so you’ll still find me programming, creating graphics, writing content, creating online ads, reviewing data, creating reports and more! I truly believe that is what helps me stand out from my competition. I grew up in a small town and I love treating my clients like they are my next door neighbor. You’ll receive personalized attention from me throughout your entire project!

My true calling in life is to help you organize and market your online business! I want to work with you to create, build and implement marketing strategies that help you maximize profits.

Not only will I support you in creating a digital marketing campaign, I will also help you with…

  • Implementation. Learn how to implement your online brand presence strategically.
  • Sustainability. Learn how to sustain your digital footprint long-term.
  • Efficiency. Learn the most efficient want to get your name out there, without spinning your wheels to see what works.
  • Promptness. Learn how to use time management strategies so you can build relationships with your audience and turn them into paying customers.
  • Empowerment. Learn to keep your confidence & empower yourself (and your team!) in your online presence.

Are you ready to create the online business of your dreams? Let’s schedule a time to review your goals so you can build an online presence that profits.

Just a little bit more about Rebecca…

I am always looking for new ways to grow my skill set, an especially important trait you want your Online Marketing Expert to have. Marketing techniques are always growing and changing! From a plethora of programs to 18+ years of experience, I have a colorful and knowledgeable background that makes me perfect for helping you creating and establish a strong online presence.

Your Digital Footprint is your presence and authority in the online world, and I want to help you leave a lasting mark!

YOUR Business + 20+ Years of Building Online Businesses =

the support & care your business needs to flourish

(or in the case, make lots of money!).

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s schedule a time to review your goals & dreams so you can build an online presence that profits.