Paid Advertising

A well-crafted ad is only one tiny piece of a successful paid ad campaign. From targeting to landing pages and tracking pixels, I know that it takes creativity, testing and metrics to execute successful (and profitable) ads.

I can help you advertise on two platforms: Google AdWords and Facebook

  • Keyword Research. I will find, target and bid the most appropriate keywords that get you high returns.
  • Ad Creation. I will build ads with strong calls to action, bringing you traffic that converts into paying customers.
  • Conversion Tracking.  I track and gauge your ad performance to ensure your paid advertising pays off.
  • PPC Optimization. I track your advertising data and tweak your ads to get you better results.
  • Reporting. I provide you with monthly reports to keep you updated about your ad performance.
  • Audits. Using audits, we can identify areas of improvement and eliminate wasted ad spend dollars.

Need help with your Paid Advertising? 

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