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3 Great Entrepreneurs Who Teach Google Plus

  • Google+ teachers

Recently, I was named as one of three great entrepreneurs who teach Google+ by Mike Kawula of Self Employed Kingdom! Mike wrote a blog post called “How to Use Google Plus for Business” that is jammed packed full of valuable Google+ information.

Who are the 3 great entrepreneurs who teach Google+?

Ryan Hanley
Rebecca Wardlow
Martin Shervington

Mike was kind enough to feature one of my videos and powerpoint presentations inside his blog post as shown below:

Rebecca Wardlow | Google Expert | Rebecca Wardlow Social Solutions

Rebecca Wardlow has an amazing 30 day free course walking you thoroughly step by step through Google Plus and […]

Are You Taking Google Plus Seriously?

  • Are you taking Google Plus seriously

We hear it every day, “Everyone I know is on Facebook“ or “Google+ is boring…”.  Let me ask you this are you on social networks to be talking with friends, playing games or are you trying to build your business online?  Google is the leader when it comes to search, they work hard at making sure that searches get the results they need.  Google is integrating Google Plus across their various platforms, such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search. Give it a try!  Google Plus will help you with both referral traffic and search traffic. Will Facebook help you get […]

6 Reasons To Create A Google+ Business Page

  • 6 Reasons To Create A Google+ Business Page

Google+ may not have the kind of following that facebook enjoys, it’s better to hop onto this bandwagon while it’s slightly full than getting too late and joining when everybody there is shouting their messages to the consumers as they try to market their products or services to them. Aside from interaction with millions of members, there are synergistic effects of social media and SEO as well. Google+ will definitely reap some of the best SEO benefits and online visibility.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of creating a Google+ Business Page.

Claim your space- The biggest reason for being on […]

7 Reasons Google Plus Is A Better Platform Than Facebook

  • 7 Reason Google+ is better than Facebook

Google+ is Google …. period!  Not only is Google Plus a social network, it’s a social layer that is part of Google’s plan to integrate their services together.  Does Facebook index your posts into a search engine? Absolutely not!  If you want to be found in Google Search, you need to stop spending so much time focused on the pay-to-be-seen Facebook platform.  Google Plus public posts can viewed by anyone and are indexed into Google Search for free.  Have I convinced you yet to spend more time on Google+?  If not, check out these 7 reasons Google Plus is […]

5 Ways To Use Google+ Hangouts for Business

  • hangoutsonair

Google+ Hangout is without a doubt one of the most innovative inventions of this age. The Google Hangout video application has taken video conferencing and communications to a new level. Its impact on both small and large scale business is quite enormous. And if you are wondering what all the hoopla is all about, then you need to just read on. This post will explain and show you why every business should immediately join the bandwagon.

Business Development
Google+ Hangout will prove to be an essential work tool for busy people who are always on the go. You never have to […]

5 Tools For Amazing Facebook Contests

  • Facebook Contest Tools

Facebook contests are a great way to engage and grow your audience.  Using tools can help make the whole process run smoother. Especially when it comes to picking a random winner. Here are 5 tools that will help you create your Facebook contest with ease:
1. Woobox

Woobox apps are used by over 2 million brands.  Woobox can help your brand grow and engage with your fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Woobox apps are used by over 2 million brands. Woobox can help your brand grow and engage with your fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Woobox’s apps include Sweepstakes, Coupons, Photo […]

How Can Social Media Help Your Small Business Grow

  • Grow your business using social media

Using social media small businesses can connect with prospects and customers like never before.  Social media offers you the most affordable way to create two-way conversations with your audience , helping you build trust and credibility.  When used correctly, social media can help your business relate with customers and prospects, increase customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.

Be Active & Consistent. Social media is just another tool that you can use to grow your business, but you must be active on it for it to work.
Be Human. People buy from people they know, like and trust.  Showcase who you are by posting […]

Google+ Private Hangouts Can Be Recorded with YouTube Live

  • YouTube Live!

If you have not heard about Google+ Hangouts yet, this article will open your eyes and ears to an amazing tool you need to use personally and for your business.

Google+ is a social media platform that can no longer be ignored. Google+ offers two types of FREE Hangouts: Private Hangout and Hangouts on Air. Private Hangouts allow you to start a private Chat or Hangout Video Call with a group of friends or business associates. These Private Hangouts are not recorded. Hangouts on Air (also known as HOAs) allows the entire world to watch your Hangout via a live broadcast to […]

The benefits of Google+

  • Google+ Benefits

Google+ is a social media network and platform created by Google.  We’ve all heard of Google and probably use it daily to search for products, services or answers to questions we may have.  Google has created an arsenal of products, including: AdWords, Alerts, Analytics, Andriod, Apps, Blogger, Books, Calendar, Chrome, Docs, Earth, Gmail, Groups, Images, Maps, News, Offers, Picassa, Places, Play, Reader, Translate and YouTube.  Google is in the process of bringing together all of these products so that you reach your customers no matter what they are doing online or where they are spending their time online.  Google will […]